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You Don't Need to Fear Your Chiropractor

we've got your back

If you or somebody you know is a little weary of getting adjusted, let them know that there is no need to fear. We have multiple ways that we can adjust here at Hiawatha Chiropractic. I like to think of it as four levels of "aggressiveness".

The most aggressive would be the adjustments that most people would think of and sometimes that scares them away. This is where you are manually adjusted with the use of our hands. Sometimes there is a "pop" or a cavitation that some people aren't a fan of. That is nothing to worry about. It is just an air bubble being released from your joints.

Now, to get a little less aggressive, we use drop tables. This is where you are on the table, the table will pop up in specific areas and then they will drop down along with the adjustments. There isn't always a "pop" with these and if there is you don't always hear it. This would be our most common technique that we use because we get the best results with it.


The next step of being even less aggressive is using our adjusting instruments. The instruments use speed rather than force in order to restore the motion in the joint. There is almost never a "pop" involved with this technique because there isn't much forceful action occurring. Some people call these a "clicker" or an "activator". 

Finally, our least aggressive approach of adjusting, is respiratory assist adjusting. We use your breathing motion to help us in this while gently applying pressure to the joint that needs its motion restored. Some patients can be very sensitive to manual adjustments. If that is the case, respiratory assist adjustments may benefit them the most. It is a low force, low velocity technique that can be used on anyone.


Every person is different and we understand that.

We use the technique that we feel is the best for each patient. If a person is nervous, we can start with the least aggressive approach. If there is no improvement and the patient is comfortable with it, we can move up to the next level. If you are one of those that are afraid, just stop on in an we can explain everything to you and work with your comfort level. We hate to see anyone in pain, especially when we know we can help.


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