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Hello, from the Brocka's

Eric + Mariah + Ava + Koi

The Brocka's believe in taking it back to the simple life, creating those core moments together and creating a life that works for us. We know that every body is created differently and that we all deserve individualized needs through out our day to day life. This hits home when it comes to chiropractic care as well. Dr. Brocka takes this way of life into his practice. He understands the importance of each individualized patient and finding a wellness plan that works for them.

Eric and his family love to spend their time outdoors. Taking the dogs on walks, going fishing and camping are a few of their favorite activities. A+K are our border collie pups. Which just so happen to stand for Applied Kinesiology, which is our specialty at HC. They are a big part of our lives and we share them a lot on our Facebook and Instagram- so if you want to become as obsessed with them as we are, come follow along! Dr. Brocka was raised in a small town, so he loves the feeling of community that feels like family. That is our mission for Hiawatha Chiropractic, creating a community that feels like family! Dr. Brocka has worked in Des Moines, Waverly and now found his permanent spot in Hiawatha, Iowa. We get the best of both worlds of big city life with Cedar Rapids customers, spreading our passion with a broad group of people, as well as the small community feeling that Hiawatha and the neighboring town of Marion has to offer.


Dr. Brocka is a 2015 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. He chose to be a Chiropractor because he has always been driven to help people. Once he learned about chiropractic and the opportunity to help people in a natural and holistic way, it gave helping people so much more meaning. Dr. Brocka believes a simple, natural, holistic lifestyle is what nature intended. Chiropractic care and holistic health have been around since the 1800's. It is time to put your health in your own hands. Hiawatha Chiropractic takes it back to the basics.

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